Grace Health is searching for an Ophthalmic technician to join our vision department. This individual will earn up to 3 weeks of PTO in their first year!

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (This list may not be all inclusive.)

  1. Perform preliminary exams including taking patient histories, gross confrontational fields, retinoscopy and refractometry, and applanation of tonometry.
  2. Assists with routine tests and treatments including administering anesthetics and dilating drops, preparing injections and relaying prescriptions to pharmacy.
  3. Familiar with medications and ocular disease processes.
  4. Perform patient pre-testing such as measuring visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, pupil testing, corneal curvature, peripheral vision, and blood pressure.
  5. Instill eye drops on patients using sterile techniques and explain side effects of drops.
  6. Instruct patient on techniques such as eye lid scrubs and eye drop instillation.
  7. Assist doctor with any and all aspects of the eye exam and any follow-up requested.
  8. Neutralizes eyeglasses by either manual or automated lensometry. Able to measure prism in spectacles and mark optical centers
  9. Performs one or more of the following exams: Ishihara Color Vision, Stereo, W4D, Amsler, confrontational visual fields (CVF), extraocular movement s(EOMS) and Titmus stereo testing,
  10. Performs applanation or Tonopen tonometry on patient.
  11. Performs BAT and PAM tests as directed by OD
  12. Performs corneal pachymetry
  13. Performs corneal topography accurately and can troubleshoot poor readings or machine difficulties
  14. Inserts and removes both a hard and soft contact lens
  15. Performs VF’s: HVF Goldman, tangent, Performs GDX (nerve fiber layer) photography,
  16. Performs pupil, muscle, fluorescein dye testing for abrasions, and Schirmer tear testing
  17. Conjunctival and corneal cultures
  18. Although each position has its own unique duties and responsibilities, please refer to the policy on Job Descriptions for details that apply to every position.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of medical office practices and medical terminology,
  • Knowledge of optometric terminology, patient pre-testing skills, ocular anatomy, and optical properties of light.
  • Equipment used (or have knowledge of): Auto-refraction / Keratometer, intraocular pressures, digital photos, lensometer, and Haag-Streit field test.
  • Basic knowledge of optometric terminology.
  • Computer skills including up to date on current EHR
  • Committed to excellence in patient care and relations

Education: High school graduate or GED

Experience: Background in optical required

Certificate/License: Certified Para Optometric (CPO) Certification (equivalent experience/certification) strongly preferred