Grace Health is looking for an experienced Behavioral Health Consultant to improve the overall functioning of children, adolescents, adults and families. Performs assessment, planning, and coordination of services for the patient, and their family. Engages community resources to meet the needs to the patient and families.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (This list may not be all inclusive.)

  1. Provide assessment and diagnosis of behavioral health patients, including evaluation of mental and emotional disorders of individuals, couples and families, and administers programs of treatment.
  2. Identifies basic life needs, physical health needs and other biopsychosocial stressors.
  3. Consult with providers in patient rooms in order to assist with diagnostics and treatment implementation.
  4. Educate patients, families and GH staff about available referral and services in the community.
  5. Provide effective treatment planning and assisting patients in successfully achieving goals.
  6. Create written documentation to patient’s attorneys (such as a disability claim form).
  7. Evaluate crisis situations and apply appropriate interventions
  8. Actively participate in relevant community meetings that are of interest to Grace Health’s patients, staff and integrated health care model.
  9. Assist in the detection of at risk patients and development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration.
  10. Assist the primary care team in developing care management processes such as the use of guidelines, disease management techniques, case management, and patient education to improve self management of chronic disease.
  11. Provide assessment, consultation, and brief intervention for psychological/psychiatric problems and/or disorders with appropriate concurrent electronic or written documentation.
  12. Teach patients, families and staff care, prevention and treatment enhancement techniques.
  13. Monitor the sites’ behavioral health program, identifying problems related to patient services and making recommendations for improvement.
  14. Participate in professional development activities and maintain professional affiliations.
  15. Although each position has its own unique duties and responsibilities, please refer to the policy on Job Descriptions for details that apply to every position.
  16. Provide therapeutic services for referred patients in school and/or clinic settings.
  17. Offer consultation to area schools and agencies; Responds to school crises as necessary.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to rapidly conceptualize behavioral health cases
  • Superior ability to articulate and document behavioral health findings in a succinct and comprehensible fashion in both written and verbal communication
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current DSM diagnostic criterion
  • Strong skills in individual, and family therapy, outreach, and crisis intervention
  • Knowledge of current Michigan health code requirements for reporting abuse
  • Exhaustive knowledge of community resources and referral network

Education: Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology or Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology or Clinical Psychology.

Experience: 3 years of combined pre and post degreed experience in a related mental health or primary care treatment setting.

Certificate/License: Ph.D. or Psy.D or MA in Counseling, Clinical or Counseling Psychology from an accredited program; or as a Masters Social Worker (LMSW). Current Michigan license commensurate with degree required. If operating under limited licensure, will attain unrestricted licensure within 2 years of employment.